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WNY Amateur Sports was built on the premise of bringing people of all ages, all skill levels, and across all disciplines together to share in the experience of sports excitement.

About Us


At WNY Amateur Sports, our mission is simple: to unite individuals of every age, skill level, and passion for sports, fostering a vibrant community where everyone can revel in the thrill of athletic pursuits. Whether you’re honing your skills in structured instructional leagues or unwinding in relaxed social gatherings, we provide the perfect platform to break free from conventions and embrace your true sporting spirit.


Our goal is to cultivate an environment where every player is driven to achieve greatness. Whether you’re battling it out on the ice, court, or field, we’re dedicated to pushing boundaries and uncovering untapped potential, all while ensuring that enjoyment remains at the heart of the experience. Whether you crave intense competition or simply seek a night of camaraderie with friends, WNY Amateur Sports promises to deliver it all and more!

Elevating Play for Every Skill Level

Where Fun Meets Sports Excitement!

We aim to create an atmosphere that encourages our players to want to be great; whether it be on the rink, the court or in the field, we want everyone to push themselves to limits they never knew existed, but still have fun doing it! Whether you want the ultimate in competition or just looking for a night out with some friends, WNY Amateur Sports has it all!

League Manager

Eric Haak


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We Have Expert Team


Eric Haak

Owner and Manager - WNY Roller Hockey League and WNY Social Sports


Kortney Tabbi

Ast. League Manager WNY Social Sports


Jason Flowers

General Manager WNY Roller Hockey League

ABL Jake Jackson

Evan Dowdall

Scheduling Coordinator WNY Social Sports


Evan Dowdall

Scheduling Coordinator

ABL Jake Jackson

Evan Dowdall

Scheduling Coordinator


Sofia Haak

Program Coordinator WNY Roller Hockey League and WNY Social Sports


Armando Suqui

Tournament Director WNY Social Sports


Marc Chaffee

Head of Officials - WNY Roller Hockey

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